How to block Zeeworld on DSTV

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You can block Zeeworld by using Dstv’s prarental feature . This works for the normal standard decoder, this method of activating the Parental Control features will work for you.

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  1. Go to MENU
  2. Scroll down to SETTINGS
  4. At this point, a password box appears. Type in the default password, 1234
  5. As the Parental Control interface opens, change the password to your own secret 4-digit PIN or password
  6. The you see options to block channels or even shows with certain PG (Parental Guidance)
  7. Select Channel and go to channel 166 which is Zeeworld
  8. Zeeworld has been blocled

It is therefore advisable to change the default PG PIN of your decoder to your personal 4-digit PIN which you can easily remember. Once done, then you are ready to start blocking your DStv programs also known as the Parental Control features.