Russells Credit Payment Optios

Pay your account from the safety of your own home,  use of these quick and easy payment options to pay your Russells credit account: 1.    You can pay your credit account online. Simply click on the link below to make payment. 2.    Use your online banking or banking app to pay your account via […]

Wen Cash Loans Bosman

Wen Cash Loans Bosman, Pretoria is a personal and payday loan provider. Get the cash advance you need with a  fast and easy payday loan or salary advance loan  from Wen Cash Loans  within a day, simply fill out the form below. Please take note of our minimum requirements: At least 18 years old Employed […]

Supreme Finance Head Office Contact Details

T Supreme Finance is a financial institution providing financial products as well as cash loans. The number of Supreme Finance Head Office in Pretoria is 0124607288

Speedy Dollar Eight cc

Apply for a loan with Speedy Dollar Eight cc & add a little more month to your money. Need cash quickly? Apply online & find out if you qualify for a fast loan. No Hidden Costs. Affordable Loans with Speedy Dollar Eight cc. Amenities: From R500 to R8,000, Up to 180 Days To Repay, Apply […]

Capitec loans for government employees

Personalised credit means by Capitec Bank means they are able to offer Capitec loans for government employees, you get the best offer based on your profile and your need, with lower fees and at the best possible interest rate. If you need to do home improvements, pay for education, buy a car, etc., our personalised […]

Ncedani Pension Loans

Ncedani Pension Loans is a registered credit provider operating in compliance with the National Credit Act. Personal loans are only granted to individuals who can comfortably afford to make repayments and who aren’t over-indebted. Ncedani Investments has been offering unique financial solutions, including secured personal loans, short and long term loans. Reliable solutions are created […]

SASSA ATM swallowed my card – What to do

What to do when an ATM swallows your card: Go to the inquiries counter at the bank with your ID, and relay your problem to the teller. When will the ATM swallow your card?  If you enter the wrong PIN three times. If you select the wrong account type three times – remember to select […]

How to use your new SASSA card at a shop till

How to use your new SASSA card at a shop till:  Hand your card to the cashier at the till. Enter your PIN when the cashier asks you to do so, and press the green button on the pin machine. Remember – you do not have to withdraw your entire grant at once. Also – […]

How to replace lost SASSA Card

Replacement of a lost or stolen card can be done at any Sassa office nearest to you. You will need your ID and an affidavit from the police station that details that your card is lost. The first lost card will be replaced free, but thereafter a replacement fee of R26 will be instituted and […]

SASSA Easypay Green Card

The green Easypay-Everywhere cards are not linked to Sassa, nor are they linked to the post office. They are being issued by lending company, Moneyline (Moneyline and CPS are both subsidiaries of a company called Net1), to grant beneficiaries, many of whom were coerced into taking a loan. SASSA has no control over the green […]