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iemas loansATM Loans South Africa. Many banking institutions are trying to leverage the ATMs to push their banking and financial products as the ATM is a touch point that is frequented by all kinds of customers at all times of the day. The facility of disbursing instant personal loans through ATMs can prove useful during times when the banks are closed or the customer is not in an area where the institution is not available and the customer is in urgent need of a personal loan. Instant personal loans through ATMs in South Africa are generally pre-approved offers that are given out to eligible customers according to the data the bank has on the customer.

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There is an instant disbursal of loan amount in their account through an ATM. And almost all ATMS have been designed to provide the loan offer. Multiple instant personal loan offers are displayed based on the customer’s eligibility, such as income, work profile, and other personal details.

ATM loans (Recurring advance deposit): This is an electronic service allowing customers to apply for small loans and receive immediate payouts at an ATM. It is a South African first. Currently FNB and ABSA offer the service where a customer can check to whether he or she qualifies and withdraw the amount, all from the ATM.


Get up to R10 000 for emergencies instantly from FNB ATM. These interest-free loans are available immediately to cover you for all of life’s surprises; whether that’s an unexpected medical bill, a vehicle expense or anything in between. No paperwork necessary. This is more like an overdraft facility where the amount is offset against the next deposit.


ABSA ATM Loan is a quick, no paperwork Instant Loan of up to R8 000 immediately with no documents needed. The funds will be made available in your transactional account to use immediately. Repayment amount is deducted from your transactional account and it is due on your next salary date, within 35 days. Interest rate is charged from 0% up to 5%, based on the customer profile and the number of Instant loans taken in a calendar year.

NEDBANK ATM Loans,  Capitec ATM Loans

A personal loan through ATMs is an unconventional way of loan disbursement; it is paperless and digital, and offered to a pre-qualified customer of the bank who has a good track record of income, employment, and credit history. Getting a personal loan from ATM can be most helpful when a customer is in urgent need of money and banks are closed.