Boxer Stores SASSA Payment Dates for April 2022

Boxer Stores SASSA Payment Dates for April 2022. This applies for Pensioners allowance, Disability Allowance and Children’s Grants for April 2022. Care givers who receive a child grant and who have also been approved for the Covid-19 grant will be paid through their SASSA payment card.

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  • Older person’s allowance: Monday 4 April 2022
  • Disability allowance: Tuesday 5 April 2022
  • Children’s grants allowance: Wednesday 6 April 2022
  • Payment for SRD R350 Grants in April 2022 are according to the April 2022 Schedule.

Should you require more information, you are requested to contact your nearest SASSA office or call the. SASSA Toll Free Number : 0800 601 011.

SASSA has encouraged beneficiaries to not hurry to collection points when they receive their payment SMS to avoid long queues and the possibility of being turned away without any assistance.

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