NSFAS South Africa

List Of Universities Funded By NSFAS in 2024

NSFAS, a vital government institution in South Africa, plays a pivotal role in supporting students from households with specific income criteria. It extends financial assistance to enable them to pursue their education at state-owned public universities or Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges. NSFAS Approved  Universities For Funding Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Rhodes […]

NSFAS status meaning SOP/LAF received

NSFAS SOP/LAF received status means that means NSFAS is in receipt of your SOP/LAF. The online loan agreement form (LAF) must be signed electronically by approved students or students who qualified for NSFAS funding. SOP stands for Schedule Of Particulars, and this can be signed online before being sent back to NSFAS. Please make sure […]

SASSA Loans for Child Grant 2024

SASSA Loans for Child Grant: Empowering Low-Income Families in South Africa through Micro Loans. Microfinance, often referred to as microcredit, is a vital financial service aimed at assisting unemployed or low-income individuals and communities who lack access to traditional banking services. In South Africa, one of the prominent initiatives in this realm is the SASSA […]

How to withdraw money from TymeBank without a card

You can withdraw cash you from TymeBank without a card, all you have to do is to login to your TymeBank app and navigate to “cash withdrawal”. You will get a TymeCode, which you are supposed to show to your cashier. a TymeCode is a Tyme bank voucher withdrawal. Login to the TymeBank app or […]

Bank Branches For Smart ID or Passport Applications - 2024 Updated

Bank Branches For Smart ID or Passport Applications – 2024 Updated

Bank Branches For Smart ID or Passport Applications – 2024 Updated.To use E-Home Affairs for smart ID or passport application, you must register a profile on the Home Affairs E-Home website, provide supporting documentation, and make a payment via your bank. Once this is done, you can make a booking to visit your chosen branch […]

Uber Car Financing in South Africa

When you’re a taxi driver, you seek a vehicle that ticks all the boxes – reliability, affordability, modernity, and comfort. The process of finding the ideal taxi can be challenging, as it often requires a substantial investment. Accessible and tailored financing is crucial. At Uber Car Financing South Africa, we provide a superior solution to […]

SASSA SRD Invalid Token

Encountering the SASSA SRD Invalid Token error while attempting to change your payment method can be frustrating. This issue may stem from various factors, including a backlog of requests and slow internet connections on the user’s end. The system typically requires the payment method change process to be completed within a 30-minute window. If you’re […]

Sent to paymaster UIF status

Sent to paymaster UIF status

When you see the UIF status “Sent to Paymaster,” it indicates that your payment has entered the processing phase. The finalization of this payment typically takes approximately 7 to 10 days. Here’s a breakdown of the UIF payment process: Claim Submission: After you submit your UIF claim, it undergoes a review process. Verification: A moderator […]

How to check my Easy Pay green card balance

How to check my Easy Pay green card balance

When it comes to managing your EasyPay Green Card, checking your balance is now easier than ever. You have various convenient options at your disposal to stay updated on your card balance and enjoy a range of benefits. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the different methods to check your EasyPay Green Card […]

Post Office SASSA balance check

Post Office SASSA balance check

When it comes to keeping tabs on your SASSA grant balance, you have a multitude of reliable options available, including online and SMS-based methods. This comprehensive guide will empower you with authoritative instructions, ensuring you’re well-informed and in control of your SASSA finances. Method 1: USSD Code 130 – Check SASSA Balance via Your Cellphone […]