City of Joburg Debt Rehabilitation 2022

City of Joburg Debt Rehabilitation 2022. Homeowners with a combined income of under R22,000 a month, small businesses, non-profit organisations and churches who are in arrears with the City of Johannesburg now qualify for a debt write-off.

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Successful applicants will receive a 50% immediate debt write-off. The balance of the debt will be divided into thirds, of which one third will be written off each year for three years.

The debt remains written off provided the customer complies with all the conditions of the programme, says the CoJ.

Where the gross monthly income is more than R22,000, only a percentage of the debt above 90 days will be written off on the condition that the account holders settle the account in full.

The CoJ says the programme aims to rehabilitate defaulting customers while bringing their arrears on city municipal accounts back into good standing.

The programme ends on June 30.

Julie Suddaby, MMC for finance, said in her May 25 budget speech the city has a population of roughly 6.2-million, an unemployment rate of 40% and a poverty rate of 52%.

“It is well known that our customers owe Johannesburg a lot of money in unpaid rates, taxes and services. [However] this government is not unsympathetic to our residents’ financial situation. On the contrary we have put a comprehensive debt rehabilitation programme and rebate structure in place to aid those who are struggling to make ends meet.”


• The market value of the residential property or combined properties owned by the applicant must not exceed R2.5m based on the city’s valuation roll. The municipal valuation cap is only applicable to individuals.

• Applicants must be registered owners of the property or a person duly appointed by the master of the high court where a property is part of a deceased estate.

• Only residential, small business, churches, non-profit organisation, old age homes, orphanages and body corporate account holders may apply.

• Account holders’ balance must be in arrears for more than 90 days at the time of submission of the application.

• The combined gross income from the residential account household must be less than R22,000 per month.

• 100% of debt above 90 days to be written off where the application is a pensioner or registered indigent customer.

How to register

Send an email to requesting an application form which you can complete and submit.

Visit the CoJ website for further information.

Customers may also visit any of the city’s revenue customer service centres.