DStv no signal after load shedding

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DStv decoder not working after load shedding? Showing the orange light and probably blinking red and green?. Here are a few remedies you can do on your own to fix the situation.

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  • You can reset and hold the power button on the decoder for about 30 seconds. The lights will blink and the device will reboot and start properly.
  • If this does not work, remove and put back the HDMI properly and test it again.
  • If your decoder is blinking red or giving red flashes, you most likely have a power supply problem. Firstly, test your decoder with a new power supply adapter on the wall. If it works, buy it and replace the old one.
  • If your device is not scanning, the problem could also be the RF cable. Either the cable is damaged or not properly connected. Inspect it. Make sure it is in good condition and is also well-connected. Once you are done, reboot your decoder and try scanning it again.
  • DSTV Explora ‘Stuck On Loading you can do the following
    • Take out the smartcard
    • Switch off the decoder from the main plug
    • Unscrew the LNB Cables
    • Wait for few minutes (Approximately 2-3 minutes) then
    • Screw back the LNB cables
    • Switch decoder on again
    • Wait to receive error E04 to insert smart card into decoder and you will get a picture with sound.

If everything else fails we recommend that you take the the decoder in for testing at a Multichoice Centre.