Eminent Finance

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Eminent Finance provides cash loans particularly focused on serving the underbanked and underserved communities across South Africa. As a leading microfinance institution, Eminent Finance specializes in providing microloans and has expanded its offerings to encompass a comprehensive range of financial services.

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Mission and Approach

The core mission of Eminent Finance is rooted in addressing the financial needs of individuals who often find themselves on the fringes of traditional banking services. By primarily targeting the underbanked, Eminent Finance strives to bridge the gap and facilitate greater financial inclusion.

Products and Services

Eminent Finance has diversified its products and services, offering a value-added range to meet the dynamic financial requirements of its customers. From microloans to an array of financial solutions, Eminent Finance is committed to providing accessible and tailored services.
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Eminent Finance Branches and Contact Information

Eminent Finance Head Office – Centurion

  • Tel: 086 101 8888
  • Fax: 086 612 1735 / 012 667 5964
  • Physical Address: 168 Louise Street, Doring Kloof, Centurion

Eminent Finance Pretoria

  • Tel: 012 326 7811
  • Fax: 012 326 7815
  • Physical Address: 6 Presidia building, 255 Paul Kruger Street (near Morkels)

Eminent Finance Cape Town

  • Tel: 021 592 5252
  • Fax: 021 591 0821
  • Physical Address: Shop 6, CTI Business Park 2, Vasco Boulevard 69, Goodwood

Eminent Finance Customer Centre

  • Eminent Finance WhatsApp: 062 709 1074
  • Tel: 086 101 8888
  • Fax: 086 102 8888 / 086 612 1735 / 012 667 5964
  • Email: info@efin.co.za

Eminent Finance prides itself on providing easy-to-access loans by collaborating with employers and union groups. This unique approach ensures a seamless experience for customers, as all costs and interests are pre-approved by the respective employer and union groups, fostering complete customer satisfaction.

As a dedicated advocate for financial inclusion, Eminent Finance continues to make significant strides in positively impacting the lives of the underbanked in South Africa. With a commitment to accessibility, transparency, and customer satisfaction, Eminent Finance stands as a trustworthy partner in the financial journey of its diverse clientele.