How to Schedule an appointment with VFS South Africa

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You are requested to ensure all relevant documentation is readily available prior to completing the online application form and scheduling an appointment. This can be done by visiting the services  page on the website for the list of required documentation.

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Once all documentation is available, you may complete the online application form . You will be required to pay a minimum amount of R1350 or R2500 where applicable (the cost of the VFS Global service fee) in order to secure and schedule your appointment online, although it is recommended that both the VFS Global service fee and the visa fee, where applicable, are paid in full when scheduling your appointment online.

However, if you elect to only pay the VFS Global service fee upfront, you may pay the outstanding visa fees by credit / debit card at the VFS Global Centre or pay into the VFS Global bank account with Standard Bank using the banking details provided. Please note that no payments can be made in cash at the VFS Global Centre.

VFS Payment can be made in two ways:

  • Online payment via debit / credit card through the secure online portal;
  • Payment at Standard Bank by downloading and completing the electronically generated bank receipt and depositing the cash into the nearest Standard Bank branch. If you pay using Standard Bank, you will need to wait 3 working days to allow the payment to be processed, after which you must re-visit your online application form to schedule your appointment.

Rescheduling an appointment with VFS

Once your appointment has been confirmed, you are allowed to reschedule your appointment up to a maximum of two times.

Rescheduling is allowed up to and on the day of your scheduled date of appointment. To reschedule, use the Reschedule link when logging into your online application