How to activate the Capitec Bank App

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You can download the new Capitec app and activate it without having to visit a branch. Download and install the new Capitec app. As an existing customer who had the app before, open the app and enter your account number and remote app PIN and activate it.

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Requirements to Activate Capitec App Without Going to the Bank

  • A Capitec registered cellphone Number with you at hand to receive an SMS
  • Have your Global One card
  • Capitec Bank App

How to Activate Capitec App Without Going to the Bank

If you your email address is verified on your Capitec banking profile, you can simply activate your Capitec app without going to the bank.

  1. Once the Capitec App is installed, click “Open”
  2.  Tap “I have a savings account”
  3.  Enter your savings account number and click “Continue”
  4.  Enter your remote app PIN and click “Continue”
  5. Wait for activation
  6.  Activation successful

Once the activation is successful, you can start performing financial activities on the app.