How to add a flexible account on the Capitec Bank App

You can now use the Capitec Bank app to create & rename flexible savings accounts. You can create the additional accounts within the app and yes they have different account numbers since it’s essentially sub accounts. In a flexible savings account you can access the funds at any time, you are able to transfer your funds to your savings account free of charge.

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How to add another additional account on the Capitec app

Use the new Capitec bank app to open a flexible savings plan‬
1. Tap Products
2. Tap Save
3. Tap Add Savings Plan
4. Enter a name for your savings plan
5. Tap Add
Follow the below steps to convert your Flexible savings plan into a Fixed Term Savings plan:
1. Select your Savings Plan
2. Select menu bar (3 lines)
3. Select fix savings
4. Follow the prompts
Please note that: Your Remote PIN is a secret number that you choose when you activate Remote Banking for the first time. The Remote PIN must be used on the Internet (and app) when you sign in to Remote Banking or approve transactions. The Remote PIN replaces the Internet banking password when you register for the cellphone app.