How to appeal NSFAS

NSFAS has incorporated an online service platform to help applicants who have been declined for NSFAS funding to appeal the decision electronically.

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Aggrieved applicants can do so using their MYNSFAS portal and below are the simple instructions to follow :

  • Sign in into your mynsfas account through the official website of NSFAS thus :
  • Click on the “Track Funding Progress” tab.
  • Check the application progress tab.
  • In case the application status is unsuccessful, you have opportunity to appeal that decision.
  • Simply click on the “Submit Appeal” tab.
  • The “Application Appeal” page will show the exact reason for the unsuccessful status.
  • At this stage, you are to write a motivation letter or give reasonable concerns why your application should be reconsidered or reversed.
  • The motivation letter must not be more than 1000 (thousand) characters including spacing. The text field provided for the letter will show characters of your letter.
  • Upload documents to back your claim and it can be up to five documents which will serve as some sort of evidence.
  • After reading through your motivation letter and the documentation and satisfied, then click on “Submit Appeal”.
  • Just as you could track your application progress, you can likewise track your appeal application progress on the mynsfas dashboard.

How long does NSFAS Appeal Process Take?

For many applicants who appealed their unsuccessful application status, they would want to know how long it will take for the nsfas appeal process.

One thing is clear here : it all depends on the number of appeal applications being worked on. NSFAS does not have a definite number of days or weeks or duration for appeal.

What is more important is to meet the deadline and submit all the relevant information on time, even if delays nsfas will pay all outstanding fees in case the decision is overturned to the applicant’s favour, thus if finally approved.

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