How to apply for a credit increase on a TFG Account

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You can apply for a credit increase for a TFG Account at any store or via their customer service number. New or Existing TFG Account holders can apply for a Temporary Credit Top-Up for high value purchases at selected TFG stores. Approval of Credit Top-Up is subject to an affordability assessment.

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Applying for a credit increase on your TFG account is a straightforward process designed to provide flexibility for both new and existing account holders. The Temporary Credit Top-Up option allows individuals to make high-value purchases at selected TFG stores, enhancing their shopping experience. However, it’s important to note that the approval of the Credit Top-Up is contingent upon the results of an affordability assessment to ensure responsible lending practices.

You can call TFG Customer Service Number on  0860 834 834 to apply for a credit increase.

TFG Account Credit increase in-store

To initiate the application, individuals can conveniently visit any participating TFG store, such as Foschini, Jet, Totalsport, SportScene, @home, @homelivingspace, Sterns, American Swiss, Prime Time, or Mat & May. The application process involves completing a form in-store, streamlining the procedure for ease and efficiency. When applying for the Temporary Credit Top-Up, it’s essential to bring along a few key documents, including a valid ID or Passport, your up-to-date contact details, and the last three months’ proof of income. These documents contribute to the affordability assessment, ensuring that the credit increase aligns with your financial circumstances.

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