How to apply for UIF Maternity Benefits

Qualifying Conditions for for UIF Maternity Benefits

  • The application should be made prior to the birth of a child or within twelve months of birth of the
  • The contributor must be receiving less than the normal remuneration whilst on maternity leave.
  • Benefits are payable at a flat rate of 66% to a female contributor. for confinement or the period after birth of a child.
  • Maternity benefits will be paid for a maximum of 121 days.
  • In an event of a miscarriage or a stillbirth. benefits are paid for a maximum period of 121 days.
  • A contributor must have been employed for at least 13 weeks before the date of application for maternity benefits.

Requirements for for UIF Maternity Benefits

  • 13 digit bar coded/Smart card RSA ID, passport or asylum seekers permit.
  • Banking details Ul-2.8 form.
  • Declaration in respect of remuneration received whilst on maternity leave. A completed UI-2.7 form.
  • The application Ul-2.3 form.
  • Doctor’s certificate for expected date of confinement or after childbirth, the birth certificate.
  • Follow-up UI-4 form will be issued.

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