How To Apply For UIF Unemployed Benefits

Qualifying Conditions for UIF unemployed benefits

  • Application to be submitted within 12 months of termination of service.
  • Benefit payable from the date after termination of service.
  • Benefit payable if employer terminates services of the contributor, or contract of service has expired.
  • Benefits not payable in case of resignation. unless a case of constructive dismissal is proven
  •  Claimant to register as a work-seeker with the Department of Employment and Labour.
  • Subject to credits. benefits can be paid far maximum of 365.
  • Contributors who lose income as a result of reduced working times, can claim for unemployment benefit.

Requirements for UIF Unemployed Benefits

  • 13 digit bar coded/Smart card RSA ID. passport or asylum seekers permit.
  • Banking details Ut-2.8.
  • UL19 form.
  • Salary Schedule.
  • Registration as work-seeker.
  • Periodic continuation form (UI 4A ) to be submitted on monthly basis.
  •  Incase of voluntary severance package or early retirement. a U! 2.11 form is required.

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