How to buy Prepaid Electricity on the Nedbank Money App

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Buy Prepaid Electricity on the Nedbank Money App or Nedbank online banking from the comfort of your home. To do this you will need to have your meter number ready.

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  1. Log into the Money app and select Buy at the bottom of the screen
  2. Log in to the Nedbank Money app or Online Banking.
  3. Select Buy from the dashboard menu.
  4. Select Buy or claim electricity.
  5. Choose Prepaid electricity.
  6. Enter a meter number or select a meter number from the saved recipients. 6
  7. Enter an amount.
  8. Select an account to buy from.
  9. Review your purchase and select Buy. 9 The purchase successful screen will be displayed.

If you have any query regarding your electricity purchase, call the Nedbank call centre on 0860 555 111. Have your payment reference or meter number ready – you will find it under your purchase history when selecting the relevant transaction.

The municipality may deduct the full amount, or a portion of the outstanding amount owed to them from your purchase amount. (This differs by municipality and we do not have access to this information.)