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To cancel your Discovery Medical Aid, you need to let Discovery Health Medical Scheme know 30 days in advance (a calendar month’s notice) of your intention to withdraw yourself or your dependants from the scheme.

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This requirement translates to providing a calendar month’s notice of your intention to withdraw yourself or your dependents from the scheme. This advance notice allows the scheme to make the necessary adjustments and ensures that the cancellation aligns with their policies.

Contacting Discovery Medical Aid

To officially communicate your decision to cancel, you can reach out to Discovery through the following channels:

Downgrading and Upgrading Options Your Policy

Discovery Health Medical Scheme recognizes that members’ healthcare needs may change over time. As such, members have the flexibility to downgrade their plan choice within their existing medical scheme at any point in time. This allows for adjustments in coverage that align with evolving requirements.

Furthermore, members have the option to upgrade their plan choice annually on 1 January. This annual upgrade serves as a structured opportunity for members to reassess their healthcare needs and make adjustments to their coverage accordingly.

It’s important to note that plan upgrades at any other time during the year are not allowed. This restriction is in place to protect members against the potential financial implications of selective upgrades and to maintain fairness within the scheme.