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If you wish to cancel your Afriforum debit order and subscription, you can follow these steps for a hassle-free process:

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Option 1: Complete Application Form and Mail/Fax

  1. Obtain the cancellation application form. This form is likely available on the Afriforum website or can be requested directly from their office.
  2. Fill out the application form with accurate and complete details.
  3. Choose your preferred method of submission:
    • Fax: Fax the completed form to 086 330 1166.
    • Mail: Mail the form to P.O. Box 17216, LYTTELTON, 0140.
  4. Ensure that you keep a copy of the submitted form for your records.

Option 2: Contact Afriforum Directly

  1. Call Afriforum during their office hours:
    • Monday to Thursday: 08:00–16:30.
    • Friday: 08:00–15:00.
  2. Dial the phone number: 086 10 200 30.
  3. Speak with a representative and inform them of your intention to cancel the debit order and subscription.

Option 3: Online Contact

  1. Visit the Afriforum website at
  2. Locate the contact section or customer service page.
  3. Send an email to expressing your desire to cancel the debit order and subscription. Include relevant details such as your name, membership ID, and any other necessary information.
  4. Wait for a response from Afriforum confirming the cancellation.

General Contact Information for Afriforum:

Office Hours:

Important Tips:

By following these steps and contacting Afriforum through the provided channels, you should be able to initiate the cancellation process for your debit order and subscription. Always keep records of your communication for reference.