How to check my GEPF balance

Each year the GEPF sends its active members an Estimation of Benefits statement with the purpose of ensuring that they are informed of the status of their pensions. The statement is sent out through emails or post offices once in a year, but it can also be issued on request.

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If you have not received your statement, please don’t hesitate to call the GEPF Toll free number at 0800 117 669. Members can also visit GEPF offices nationwide to request the statement. The Estimation of Benefits statement reflects the summary of estimated pension benefit earned at a certain date during employment.

The GEPF now has a self-service portal and a member only needs their ID number and a password to access their latest benefit statement.

It contains information such as personal details, employment details and pension benefits in case of exit that are reflected in terms of: Know the estimation of your benefit

  • Normal retirement
  • Resignation
  • Ill health retirement and discharge
  • Death in service

Please note that these are estimates calculations based on the information at GEPF’s disposal and all the information will be verified during a member’s actual exit date. GEPF issues these benefit statements as it strives to always align with the best practices and service standards to members.

The best practices require the issuing of the estimation of benefit statement in order to:

  • improve and sustain communication between the Fund and the members; • empower members with quality information;
  • enhance education about GEPF benefits to members; and
  • encourage members to approach their Human Resource department in the event that the information on their estimated benefit statement is incorrect.