How To Delete Account On PS4 Without Password

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here you will learn in four steps how to delete an account on PS4 without a password.

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Step 1: On The PS4 And Navigate To The Settings.

Before you can delete any account from PS4, you will have to on the PS4. Without putting it on, there’s no way you can get to the settings. However, after putting on the PS4, you navigate to the settings menu. When you find the setting menu, click the menu, and it will direct you to the next step.

Step 2: Navigate The Settings Menus And Click On “Login Settings”

When you click the settings as said in the first step, it will direct you to a page. At this point, you will also find different menus. Then search among the menu for “Login Settings”, it’s among the first three menus on the page. And when you find the login settings, click on it, and it will also direct you to the next step.

Step 3: Find “User Management” Among The Login Settings And Click It.

The next step involved you finding the user management menu, after clicking on the login settings. The user management menu is where you will find out all accounts that are on the PS4. On the menu, that’s the place you can also successfully delete any account or user on the PS4. However, after clicking on user management, it will take you to the step, which is also the last step.

Step 4: Select The Account You Want To Delete And Delete It.

The last step involves you selecting the account you wish to delete on your PS4 and deleting them. After you have selected the user management menu, you will find out a couple of the accounts on your PS4 console. What you will do now is just select the account you want to delete and delete them.

Note: When deleting an account on PS4, make sure you are not in need of the account anymore. Because after deleting an account from PS4, you won’t be able to recover the account back.


Can you delete a PS4 user?

Yes, you can delete a PS4 user. All you have to do is to go to the PS4 settings, click and scroll down to the login settings, also click on it and scroll down to user management. At this point, you will find out all accounts on the PS4. Select the one you want to delete and click delete.

How can I track my stolen PS4?

You can track your stolen PS4 by contacting Sony. They will ask for your PS4’s MAX address and they will notify the PS4 as stolen. So, whenever anyone logs into your PlayStation network, Sony will be able to track the person via its IP address.