How To Deregister For UIF

Employers can deregister Unemployment Insurance Fund UIF for  employees if the employees  have terminated  employment. If Employers would want to deregister for UIF, they must complete in the declaration (electronic, ufiling and UI19 form) ,the same form you use to register workers. Indicate in the last two columns why and from when your worker(s) end employment. How To unregister For UIF. Information of the relevant worker or workers will be updated to show the current status

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Employers can send the form to the UIF by ufiling or mailing it to:

faxing it to:
(012) 337 1943

Altenatively e-mail it to: (commercial employers can also use this address)

Call the UIF at 012 337 1680 or your nearest labour centre to find out whether they have received your form and have de-registered you or your workers.

UIF Completed by Assessor

Keep your employer reference number and the date when your workers terminated employment   ready when you call.If employers want to register new workers, they can use the same employer reference number they received before. If employers do not want to register workers again, they must tell the UIF to remove them from the database in writing.​

Failure to submit the declaration may cause delays with the processing of
claims for unemployment or other benefits