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Bank confirmation letters are typically used to prove your bank account ownership or to provide your bank account details to a third party, such as an employer or government agency. You can now get a bank confirmation letter sent directly to your email address from TymeBank Internet Banking or the Tyme Bank SmartApp. then “Proof of Account”. It will immediately be sent to your email address.

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Using the SmartApp, select your EveryDay account and then “Account Information”, followed by “Proof of Bank Account”. It will immediately be sent to your email address.

How to get a TymeBank Confirmation Letter In-store

Visit the Tymebank Kiosk with your ID and request a confirmation letter

    1. Visit any TymeBank kiosk.
    2. Ask a kiosk attendant for a bank confirmation letter.
    3. Provide them with your TymeBank account number and ID number.
    4. The kiosk attendant will print out a bank confirmation letter for you.

Please note that there is a charge of R10 for requesting a bank confirmation letter in-store.

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