How to increase daily limits at Capitec

How to increase daily limits at Capitec.  You can increase your Capitec Bank ATM limit by either using the Capitec Bank App, Capitec Bank Internet Banking or alternatively by physically visiting a Capitec Bank branch and a consultant will be able to assist you.

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HOW TO update limits on THE CAPITEC APP

  1. Choose Cards
  2. Sign in with your Remote PIN
  3. If you have more than one card, choose the card you want to use
  4. Tap Update Limits
  5. Tap Update
  6. Enter your daily limit for Online / Telephone / Mail Purchases
  7. Accept the agreement

HOW TO update limits on CAPITEC BANK internet banking

  1. Sign in with your password/Remote PIN
  2. Click View my list of cards
  3. Select the relevant card
  4. Click Update daily card limits
  5. Enter your permanent/temporary daily limit for Online / Telephone / Mail Purchases
  6. Accept the agreement by clicking Update daily card limits

update limits at a CAPITEC BANK branch

A service consultant will help you to increase your card limits.