How to reapply for SASSA SRD R350 Grant

Those who previously applied for R350 SRD grant are urged to re-apply in order to be considered this round of application. You can apply on
Applications should be lodged before end April, to be considered for April. New applications from people who meet the qualifying criteria who did not previously apply for this grant will also be accepted.
The new threshold to qualify is now a monthly income of  R350 per person per month from R595.Grant beneficiaries must reapply for the grant. This process will only be done once. However, they may have to answer questions every three months with regard to their financial situations. This, as their living conditions may have changed. It was also mentioned that applicants may need to provide their parents ID numbers when answering questions. 
All applicants are reminded that they will be considered for the Covid-19 SRD from the month in which the application is lodged and this will be validated every month
You can also reapply using whatsapp on 0820468553
When your application is successful, you will get an application ID, in abbreviated form, AppID.

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