How to reverse a debit order on the Capitec bank app

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How to reverse a debit order on the Capitec bank app. You can dispute an authorised debut order on the Capitec Bank Banking app without going to your branch. Simply sign in to our app, choose the debit order and dispute it. You can cancel a registered debit order by visiting your nearest branch before the first debit.

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  1. Open your Mobile Banking app.
  2. Tap on Transact.
  3. Select Debit Order.
  4. To sign in, input your private remote pin.
  5. Select a particular debit order from your transaction history.
  6. Select a debit order dispute reason.
  7. Tap on Accept.

You cannot cancel a debit order you previously approved on Debicheck. You can only reverse it if you have reason to believe that the debit order is fraudulent or unauthorized. You can also dispute a debit order on Capitec bank if you believe that the amount debited is incorrect or if you did not receive the goods or services you paid for.

Capitec Bank Debit Order Reversal Contact Number

24-hour helpline at 0860 10 20 43

This debit order cannot be disputed Capitec?

This happens when you try to cancel a debit order which you have previously authorised.


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