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Kholiswa Financial Services (KFS) stands as a registered credit provider, committed to making a positive impact in Khayelitsha, South Africa. Their mission revolves around providing financial access to low-income individuals who may not typically have the opportunity to avail themselves of such services. KFS offers financial assistance with low-interest rates, thereby addressing the financial needs of those who often find themselves vulnerable to unethical lending practices from loan sharks.

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About Kholiswa Financial Services

Kholiswa Financial Services, abbreviated as KFS, is dedicated to ensuring that low-income individuals have a safer and more ethical alternative to meet their financial requirements. With their services, they aim to alleviate the financial burden on these individuals while shielding them from predatory loan sharks, who tend to exacerbate their financial hardships.

The Purpose of KFS

KFS has a clear purpose: to redirect salaried low-income individuals away from loan sharks and other illicit financial providers. Their goal is to offer reasonably-sized loans, ensuring safety and compliance with ethical lending practices. By doing so, they seek to create a more stable and supportive financial environment for those who need it most.


If you wish to visit Kholiswa Financial Services, you can find them at:

F45 Xabiso Square

KFS is dedicated to improving the financial well-being of Khayelitsha’s low-income residents, and they are committed to providing a secure and ethical avenue for accessing financial assistance. This commitment sets them apart as a beacon of hope for those seeking reliable and affordable financial services in the region.