Lay-By purchase at Game

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Lay-By purchase at Game 6 months to pay for items from R1 500 with 0% interest and 0% deposit. R1 500 minimum spend per item.

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  • No interest
  • No opening fee, No Deposit
  • 0% deposit
  • 6 months to pay

The store holds the goods until you’ve fully paid for the item, which is when you can take it home. The price at which you buy the goods is the price you pay and no more.

If you were out shopping and you see an item that you would like to by that was not in your shopping list, you can look for something that is not vital in your list and divide the cost between two items and have them Layby as you look for the rest of the money to purchase them. This ensures that your budget is not messed with at the time and you get to have both the items you were to purchase although it will not be instant.