Malcor Medical Aid Pre-Authorisation Contact Details

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Malcor Medical Aid Pre-Authorisation Contact Details. It is recommended that members who are about to embark on any costly treatment that does not require specific pre-authorisation, such as orthodontic treatment, submit quotations to the Scheme to obtain information about the extent to which the Scheme will cover the proposed treatment.

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Malcor Medical Aid Pre-authorisation for hospitalisation

PLAN D members might be required to pre-authorise all benefits BEFORE consulting with service providers. You may confirm benefits by calling Enablemed on 0860 002 402.

All members call the Malcor Medical Aid Scheme on 0860 100 698 to get pre-authorisation for all your hospital treatment, except in the case of an emergency.

You will be given an authorisation number if your treatment is approved. In the case of an emergency where you are unable to phone the Malcor Medical Aid Scheme to obtain authorisation in advance, you or a family member must call the Scheme within three days from the date of admission. If you do not obtain authorisation, the Scheme will not pay the claims.

Pre-authorisation is also required for the following treatment 

  • Chronic renal dialysis
  • Oncology and radiotherapy
  • Hospice • Sterilisation
  • Infertility treatments
  • Step-down and rehabilitation facilities in the private sector
  • Specialised dentistry in hospital
  • Registered nursing services
  • Super antibiotics
  • Biologicals.