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Mgazi Holdings, a dynamic establishment, specializes in a multifaceted array of financial and property services. Engaging in Personal Finance, the company offers tailored solutions to meet individual financial needs, ensuring a comprehensive approach to financial well-being. In the realm of Tender Finance, Mgazi Holdings provides strategic assistance to businesses seeking financial support for their ventures.

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Moreover, the company extends its expertise to the real estate domain, encompassing a range of property services such as Rentals, Buying, and Selling. Whether individuals are looking to find the perfect rental property, make a strategic investment in real estate, or sell their property, Mgazi Holdings offers a seamless and professional experience.

In addition to its financial and real estate ventures, Mgazi Holdings adds a touch of sophistication to special occasions. The Car Rentals service, specifically tailored for Weddings and Parades, ensures that clients can make a grand entrance or enjoy a memorable event with the perfect vehicle. With a commitment to excellence and a diverse portfolio, Mgazi Holdings stands as a versatile entity, meeting the varied needs of its clientele across different sectors.

Mgazi Holdings Contact Details

131 Langalibalele Street
Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
Call 033 342 3174