Midlands KZN SASSA Offices Contact Details

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Midlands KZN SASSA Offices can get information and/or apply for the following grants: Child Support, Social Relief of Distress, Disability, Foster Child, Older Persons/Senior Citizen, Grant-In-Aid, Care Dependency and War Veterans Grant.

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For all details related the SASSA South African Social Security Agency and Grants, please visit: www.sassa.gov.za

Midlands KZN SASSA Offices Contact Details

Midlands District office 284 Murchiston Street, ladysmith
Ezakheni Local Office A738 Old  KFC Building, Ezakeni
Glencoe Local Office 5 Tin Street, Glencoe, 2930
Greytown Local Office 96 Bell Street, Greytown, 3250
Dannhauser Local Office 16B Main Street, Dannhauser, 3080
Dukuza Local Office Dukuza  Thusong Centre, Bergville
Dundee Local Office 2 Avon Street, Industrial Area
Ekuvukeni Local Office A1410 Ekuvukeni, Wasbank, 2920
Escourt Local Office 67 Philip Street, Estcourt
Kranskop Local Office 66 Main street, Kranskop
Ladysmith Local Office 33 Lyle Street, Ladysmith
Msinga Local Office Main Road, Tugela Ferry, 3010
Newcastle Local Office 09 Industrial Rd, Newcastle, 2940
Nqutu Local Office 69 Nondweni street, Nqutu 
Osizweni Local Office Site No. 4180, Osizweni, 2952
Weenen Local Office Magistrates Court, Retief Street, weenen