Netflix Payment Options in South Africa

With movies to stream, television, and original programs, Netflix has something for everyone. Netflix members can enjoy their favourite entertainment at home, on any device they want, and with no irritating commercials. Below are the different ways one can pay for Netflix in South Africa.

  • A Cell-phone with access to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and a prepaid Google Play Voucher or Apple Store Voucher which can be purchased from any supermarket. The voucher allows you to put anything from R150 to R5000 at the supermarket till using cash.
  • Credit Card or Paypal – you can pay with a credit card or a PayPal account, but a debit card should work just fine if it has a CCV number at the back. Don’t worry, Netflix securely stores your card details, and will only bill you once you free trial month is over.
  • The Netflix Gift Card is a prepaid voucher which entitles the owner to stream Netflix to the value loaded on the card. Gift Cards can be loaded with between R150 to R1 000 and they don’t expire. Shoppers will be able to purchase Netflix Gift Cards from selected retailers including CNA; Pick n Pay; Checkers; Dis-Chem; HiFi Corp; Incredible Connection; Game; Dion Wired; Makro; Builders Warehouse; Game4U; AWX; Kloppers; and BT Games