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NOSA courses price list 2024 of Fees . National Occupational Safety Association (NOSA) is South Africa’s top occupational health, environmental, and safety training institute, offering over 100 skilled programs, safety-related training courses, certifications, and qualifications with both local and international accreditations.

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To view or download the NOSA courses price list 2024 PDF document from the official website, click here.

NOSA’s Courses Price List for 2024 reflects not only a commitment to affordability but also to delivering training that meets the highest standards. The institute’s meticulously designed courses cater to the diverse needs of industries, providing individuals and organizations with the tools to navigate the complex landscape of occupational health and safety. As NOSA positions itself at the forefront of the training landscape, its dedication to fostering safer and healthier workplaces remains unwavering, offering a beacon of knowledge and competence for professionals seeking to elevate their skills and contribute to a culture of well-being in their respective workplaces.

NOSA is now part of SafetyCloud, incorporating NOSA College & SafetyCloud Online training. Discover World-Class Training, Delivered From A Powerful New Digital Platform.

Nosa 2023 Courses
Nosa 2023 Courses

The document is seven pages long and outlines prices for courses in the following broad categories:

NOSA Prospectus 2024 PRICE LIST

NOSA Executive Level

These courses are meant for executives, risk managers, environmental managers, and senior management. They include:

These courses are classified as part of SHE training.

NOSA Fire Safety

The lessons herein are meant to equip learners with basic fire safety drills that come in handy during such an emergency at the workplace. The courses under this category are:

NOSA First Aid

The first aid courses include:

NOSA General Industry:

The programmes under this category target the different employees in the various sectors.

NOSA Skills Programmes

NOSA International programmes

These courses target a lot more people in the organization serving in different capacities. They also tend to take longer than most other programmes would. The following are the programmes and their prices:

NOSA Mining Industry

Any of these mining courses would be great for anyone working in the mining industry. The costs will also make it easy for you to apply. They include:

NQA OHSAS & ISO Certification

This category covers a number of courses including:


SHE programmes and costs include:

NOSA SHE Legislative

These courses provide in-depth knowledge of the safety requirements as well as outlining legal requirements. Employers and contractors also get to understand their legal obligations as far as safety at the workplace is concerned. The courses offered are:

NOSA Specialized courses

The courses include:

NOSA Working at heights

It is always risky in the work environment when height is involved. It is important for high levels of safety to be maintained all through. Some of the programmes offered by NOSA towards this include:

Prices depend on various factors such as duration and whether the course is classroom, online or webinar-based. They range from R430 for a one-hour course to R33,550 for a one-year course.

How to register with NOSA

If you’re a prospective student, you can sign up for an online NOSA account here to find out which training courses are being offered at your nearest NOSA colleges.

This student portal allows you to book and make payments for both classroom and online courses. Your certificates will also be available here once you’ve successfully completed a course.

NOSA training schedule 2023

To view the NOSA training schedule 2022 on its website, click here. The schedule categorises the available courses according to the mode of training, which include classroom, e-learning and webinar.

It also allows prospective students to search for their preferred NOSA college, course or month in which they wish to study.

The schedule, which is similar to a prospectus, also indicates the number of seats available for each course as well as the dates, times, colleges and price. Once you find your preferred course, click “More Info” next to it for further details.