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Page Micro Loans was founded in 2018 by the Page Family. They provide loans of up to R8000 on a monthly basis. They base  their business on trust and good will, thus they always start our financial relationship with each new customer at a smaller amount per month, usually around R400.

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Specializing in providing monthly loans, Page Micro Loans stands out for its commitment to trust and goodwill, fostering lasting relationships with every customer.

Founding Principles

At the core of Page Micro Loans’ ethos are the principles of trust and goodwill. Understanding the importance of building strong financial foundations, they initiate relationships with new customers by offering smaller monthly amounts, typically around R400. This approach ensures that the initial steps in the financial journey are manageable and comfortable.

Incremental Growth

Page Micro Loans embraces a unique approach to lending by growing the loan amount in tandem with the trust cultivated between the institution and the customer. As this mutual trust deepens over time, so does the financial responsibility entrusted to the borrower. The incremental growth model sets the stage for a collaborative journey towards achieving financial goals.

Welcoming Environment

Walking through the doors of Page Micro Loans is more than a financial transaction; it’s an experience designed to make every individual feel welcome and comfortable. The team at Page Micro Loans understands the significance of creating a supportive environment, fostering a sense of belonging for all customers. Whether you’re a first-time borrower or a returning client, you can expect personalized attention and a welcoming atmosphere.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Page Micro Loans goes beyond being a financial service provider; it is a partner invested in the well-being of its customers. The commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in every interaction, from the initial engagement to the ongoing relationship. By prioritizing the comfort and ease of doing business, Page Micro Loans aims to build lasting partnerships that transcend mere transactions.

Community-Centric Approach

Page Micro Loans believes in contributing to the community it serves. Beyond the realm of financial transactions, the institution actively engages in community-building initiatives. This community-centric approach reflects a holistic commitment to uplifting individuals and fostering positive financial practices.

Page Micro Loans is more than a lending institution; it’s a beacon for those seeking a supportive and trustworthy partner in their financial journey. With a foundation built on trust, goodwill, and incremental growth, Page Micro Loans welcomes you to a space where financial goals become achievable realities. Step through the doors and experience the difference — where your financial journey begins and your aspirations are nurtured.

Page Micro Loans Contact Details

20 Grey Street Parkersdam
Worcester, Western Cape 6850