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Payment Date For Older Age Grant September 2022. The expected payment dates for Child Support grants is Monday, 5 September 2022.

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How much is SASSA Old Age Grant in September 2022?

The Old Age Grant is  R1,980 and for people older than 75 years the grant is R2,000.

If you’re unable to collect the money yourself, you can appoint a SASSA official, or give someone power of attorney to collect the grant on your behalf.

How to apply for SASSA Old Age Grant Online
How to apply for SASSA Grant in aid

Requirements for SASSA Old Age Grant

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) and the Post Office (SA Post Office) assures social grants beneficiaries and the general public of South Africa that social grants beneficiaries will continue to be paid their grant money on time every month.

There is no need to rush to withdraw cash on the first day.

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