SASSA Gold Card Expiry Date 2023

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SASSA Gold Card Expiry Date 2023. The card remains active even though is it has an expiry date.

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Beneficiaries must not panic or succumb to the hijacking by scammers and circulating fake news that the card will expire in April 2023

Beneficiaries are encouraged to provide their private bank accounts to Sassa as another option for safe easy and payment. SASSA will in due course communicate changes if there are any.“Fraudsters who pretend to be SASSA officials and target old people and people living with a disability must immediately be reported to the local police.

Sassa warned of new fake WhatsApp messages claiming grant beneficiaries can apply for a R700 grant online without going to a Sassa office.

Is the Sassa gold card still valid?

Yes the SASSA Gold Card is still valid