SASSA status approved but no SMS

If your SASSA status says approved but no SMS, you first need to make sure that your personal details are correct. Make sure that your Name, ID Number and bank details are up to date and correct. SASSA status approved but no SMS means your payment is being processed and so hasn’t been sent yet to the post office, you will receive your SMS when payment has been processed.

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You can update your banking details using the banking details update form. SASSA will only pay into a bank account which belongs to you. All transfers are reviewed each month to check for compliance to the requirements to receive the relief grant. Until the system confirms that you still meet the requirements for the month you will not be paid.

SASSA urges beneficiaries to use their bank accounts as their payment methods to receive their money than the post office option.

If you receive confirmation SMS and who choose to withdraw their grant from a Pick n Pay or Boxer store  you must have your cellphone and identity document with you.

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