uFiling login blocked: uFiling login blocked or locked

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UIF uFiling login blocked, it is possible to fix it.. If your login is blocked you can unblock it by sending  a copy of your ID to adminchangerequest@labour.gov.za or follow the procedure below. f your account is LOCKED, please email ufilingsupport@uif.gov.za

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uFiling login unlocking fix

  1. Open www.ufiling.co.za/uif/
  2. Click on “Forgot Password” under the “log in” dropdown arrow
  3. Select your contact method(SMS or Email)
  4. Enter your ID or Password Number
  5. Enter your username
  6. Click on “retrieve password hint” which can be found under “complete password options” and try to login again if the hint helped you remember the password.
  7. If the hint didn’t help, click on “reset password” under “complete password options”
  8. You will receive an SMS or email containing a temporary password.
  9. Once you’ve logged in with the temporary password, you will be required to enter a new password to use in the future.