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UIF Completed By Assessor

UIF Completed by Assessor means the the UIF assessor had been allocated your application has made an adjudication on your file and completed( 15 days for unemployment claims, 5 days for maternity claims).

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If your status says UIF Completed By Assessor it means you are now awaiting payment.

See Also UIF Sent to Paymaster Status

There is a framework within UIF called Siyaya which streamlines the handling of the rules and approval process so you might see a status which says Siyaya Approved, Siyaya Not approved.

UIF Contact Details

You can contact UIF offices through various means, including a dedicated call center and their official email address. You can also pay them a visit if your issue is not one that can be resolved online or in a situation where you have previously tried their communication channels but got no response.

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