UIF Covid-19 TERS Error Code: Failed Bank Verification

UIF Covid-19 TERS Error Code: Failed Bank Verification. Clients will see a message on their profile indicating failed bank verification through our automated process. The UIF has since put in place a manual bank verification process to assist employers.

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Please also note the following points when opting for the manual verification process:

  • The manual bank verification will have to be conducted on banking details attached to names
    and accounts with non AVS and AVS participating banks.
  • Bank verification letters no older than 3 months must be used to the start process.
  • This process applies to employers that have chosen payment medium 2. The individual
    payment under payment method 3 will follow our normal automatic payment process which is
    in place for individuals that apply for normal claims.

Steps to conduct Covid-19 TERS manual bank verification for payment medium 2

  • Call the Contact Centre 0800 030 007 and select the TERS option on the IVR. Speak to an agent
    and tell them you want to do manual bank verification.
  •  There will be security questions that will be posed to the employer in order to assist further.

The Banking verification process will follow the below:

  •  Bank confirmation letter must not be older than 3 months.
  •  Trading as name, should match the confirmation letter name
  • If applicable, the Bank Account profile name must be a match
  •  CIPC/ID/ must match both the Covid-19 TERS portal and our back-end CRM system
  • Account number must match on the Covid-19 TERS portal.
  • Bank Name must match on the Covid-19 TERS portal.
  • Account type must match on the Covid-19 TERS portal.

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