UIF Illness Benefits


  • Application for benefits must be made within 6 months that the contributor ceases to work because of
    the illness.
  • Benefits are paid from the date on which the contributor ceases to work and becomes fully or partially unpaid because of illness.
  • A medical certificate must be submitted to confirm the period of illness lasting longer than seven days.
  • Benefits that are payable is the difference between what the employer pays and rate that is prescribed in the benefits schedule of the Unemployment Insurance Act.
  • Claims are paid to a maximum of 365 credits days which is accrued for the period contributor work and contribute, Maximum credits of 365 is paid once every 4 years.
  • The employer must also declare as to whether the contributor on sick leave will be obtaining fully or any remuneration whilst on leave.


  • 13 digit bar coded/Smart card RSAID, passport or asylum seekers permit.
  • Banking details UI-2.8 form.
  • Declaration in respect of remuneration received whilst on illness leave. A completed UI-2.7 form.
  • Doctor’s medical certificate.
  • Follow-up form UI-3,

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