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This concise guide outlines the essential steps to seamlessly transition to your new banking information, ensuring that your child’s grant continues to provide the vital support they need. From contacting your bank to visiting the SASSA office and checking updates, follow these straightforward steps for a hassle-free experience.

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  1. Visit SASSA Office: Head to your nearest SASSA office with the necessary documents: ID, proof of residence, child’s birth certificate, and the latest payment receipt.
  2. Complete Forms: Request and fill out the required forms accurately with the help of SASSA staff.
  3. Submit Documents: Submit the completed forms and necessary documents. Keep originals and photocopies handy.
  4. Confirmation and Waiting Period: Receive a confirmation slip with a reference number. Wait for SASSA to process the changes.
  5. Check Updates: Regularly check your SASSA payment history or contact the helpline to ensure your new banking details are accurate.


Conclusion: Updating your SASSA Child Grant banking details is a straightforward process. Follow these steps and tips for a smooth transition, ensuring continued support for your child’s well-being. SASSA is there to assist, so reach out if you have any questions.