Will FNB notify me if i win the Lotto?

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Yes. When players play via a banking App, they are first contacted by their bank to notify them of their winnings. The winner will receive their winnings tax-free between 48 to 72 hours from the time of claiming. A team of financial advisors are on standby to offer advice on a series of investment opportunities.

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Players who use the banking channels to play the National Lottery games will receive winnings below R49 999.99 paid directly into their bank account and they will receive a normal inContact Notification.

LOTTO and PowerBall are available on FNB’s Cellphone Banking, Online Banking, and ATM channels. FNB customers can replay their previously selected LOTTO and PowerBall numbers and they can also select the number of times they would like their ticket to be replayed. Customers can also view a history of their number selection and use their eBucks to purchase their tickets.