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Affidavit for collection of drivers license South Africa. If you intend to send through someone to collect your driver’s license card on your behalf, you need to write an affidavit authorising the person to do so  stating why the driver can’t collect the licence.  You also need a certified copy of their ID, a certified copy of the driver’s ID, as well as the name and ID number of the person collecting the licence.

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Sample Affidavit for someone to collect drivers license

Here is a sample Affidavit for someone to collect drivers license on my behalf.

I/We ______ (your name/ names), authorize ________ (name of the person you are authorizing) to collect my driving license on my behalf as I will not be able to do so because of ________ (state reason why you are away).
I have attached a copy of my ID Document. I will be away from _______ (duration which you will be away).

Thank you in advance for complying with the message and permitting the person mentioned to collect my license for me.

This authorization is valid until _________ (date authority will end)


________ (your name)