Blacklisted Cellphone Contracts

Alternative cellular contracts for clients with differing credit profiles.It does not matter whether you have a poor credit record history or have been turned down for a cellphone contract in the past, you still can qualify for cellular contract.

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To apply you need to have a South African ID Number, be in employment full time, submit latest3 months bank statement of your salary, and your cell number. Cellphone Contracts Online Approval.

No Credit Check Phone Contract – Guaranteed Approval South Africa

If you have bad credit or a poor credit history and have been declined for a contract phone elsewhere we can help.n we understand that life can throw you a curve ball from time to time and circumstances can easily fall outside of your control. Mobile phones are now an essential part of everyday life. Vodacom contracts for blacklisted

Upon your application approval,You will have your handset and sim card delivered to you for Free.

MTN Contracts for Blacklisted

2 for 1 Cellphone Deals

Vodacom Double Deals