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Are you ready to embark on the journey of acquiring a Coricraft account? Coricraft is now a part of the The Foschini Group which means you can shop at Coricraft using your TFG Money Account. Introducing the hassle-free path to becoming a Coricraft account holder, we provide you with a range of convenient options designed to cater to your preferences. Setting the stage for your journey, the Coricraft website is your gateway to initiation.

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Website Application

In-Store Application

Phone Application

With these flexible options, the path to owning a Coricraft account has never been more accessible.

Coricraft Account Application Process

Starting your Coricraft account journey is a breeze. Visit the official website and follow these simple online application steps. Alternatively, you can choose to apply in person by visiting any Coricraft store near you.

For those who prefer a streamlined experience, we offer the option to complete your application over the phone by calling 0860 834 834, allowing for personalized guidance from our dedicated Coricraft customer service team.

Alternative TFG Application Method (SMS)

If you prefer a simplified application process, you can open a Coricraft account by calling 0860 TFG TFG (834 834) for phone assistance. This option is ideal for those who may have questions during the application process.

Coricraft Account Requirements

To sweeten the deal, Coricraft offers an incentive of R1000 in discount vouchers* when you open a Coricraft account. While the application process is designed to be straightforward, there are some requirements to fulfill. To successfully apply, you’ll need to provide three months’ worth of bank statements or payslips to demonstrate your financial capability. Additionally, a valid ID or passport is required to verify your identity.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: How long does it take for a Coricraft account to be approved?

Q2: Is it possible to open a Coricraft account if I’m not currently employed?

Q3: Can I use my Coricraft Account Card at stores other than Coricraft?

Q4: What if I miss a monthly installment on my Coricraft account?

Q5: How can I view my Coricraft account statements online?

Coricraft TFG  WhatsApp Application

For those who prefer the convenience of instant messaging, open a Coricraft account via WhatsApp. Just send a message to 060 944 4884.

Coricraft TFG Contact Details

For any inquiries, assistance, or more information, you can reach Coricraft through the following means:

Reiteration of Account Approval Time

To reiterate, the approval time for a Coricraft account can take between 4 to 10 days, depending on the validity of the supporting documentation received by the New Accounts team. This article offers a comprehensive, structured guide for those interested in opening a Coricraft account, with a focus on the application process, FAQs, and essential contact details. Armed with this information, prospective applicants are well-prepared to navigate the journey toward enjoying the benefits of a Coricraft account.