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Securing a Professional Driving Permit (PDP or PrDP) is a pivotal step for individuals embarking on a career in professional driving within South Africa. The PDP medical form, an indispensable component of this process, serves as a litmus test of one’s physical and mental fitness to competently handle heavy vehicles, especially during extended driving sessions. It is essential to bear in mind that prospective applicants with specific neurological conditions or degenerative illnesses that could potentially impair their judgment are automatically disqualified from PDP eligibility.

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Understanding the PDP Medical Form

A PDP medical form is a specialized document tailor-made to assess the medical fitness of individuals who aspire to obtain a professional driving permit in South Africa. This form plays a pivotal role in the application process, ensuring that drivers possess the requisite physical and mental capabilities to operate heavy vehicles safely and responsibly.

Obtaining the PDP Medical Form

  1. NaTIS Forms Download Portal: To access the official PDP medical form, a reliable source is the National Traffic Information System (NaTIS) Forms Download Portal. You can conveniently obtain the form here.
  2. Alternative Download Websites: In addition to the NaTIS portal, numerous reputable download websites, such as pdfFiller, offer the PDP medical form. These platforms provide a user-friendly interface and access to various official forms, including the PDP medical document.

The PDP Application Process

Once you’ve successfully acquired the PDP medical form, the subsequent steps involve the comprehensive application process for your Professional Driving Permit. Here’s a detailed guide outlining the procedure:

1. Medical Evaluation:

Following the download of the PDP medical form, your next course of action is to visit a recognized medical center. Here, a qualified medical professional will administer a series of medical tests and complete the PDP medical form with the results, which encompass a comprehensive assessment of your fitness for professional driving.

2. Initiating the PDP Application at the DLTC:

Upon concluding your medical evaluation, the next step entails visiting your nearest Driving License Testing Centre (DLTC) to commence the PDP application process. At this juncture, you’ll be furnished with the application for the driving permit form (PD1). It’s imperative to meticulously fill out this form. In certain instances, you may be required to complete the “Notification of Change of Address or Particulars of Person or Organization” (NCP) form, depending on your circumstances.

3. Mandatory Documentation:

When making your way to the DLTC, ensure that you have the following vital documents and items in your possession:

  • A valid South African ID, passport, or driving license card
  • Four identical black and white passport photographs
  • Verification of your postal and residential address
  • A valid driving license with the identical vehicle code for which you are seeking a PDP
  • A training certificate for the category D license
  • The PDP medical certificate, which should not be dated more than two months before the application.


The PDP medical form stands as an indispensable element of the process of acquiring a Professional Driving Permit in South Africa. Armed with a clear understanding of the requisite steps and documentation, individuals aspiring to pursue professional driving careers can confidently navigate the application procedure, ensuring their compliance with the necessary medical prerequisites for responsible road conduct.