DPSA Circular 40 Of 2023 Government Vacancies as at 3 November 2023

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DPSA Circular 40 Of 2023 Government Vacancies as at 3 November 2023, have been published by www.dpsa.gov.za and can be accessed and downloaded in PDF format by visiting https://www.dpsa.gov.za/newsroom/psvc/. The latest DPSA circular 40 of 2023 was posted on Friday, 3 November 2023. You can check DPSA circulars for any new Government Jobs South Africa every week. You can apply for the jobs using the new Z83 form. The different vacancies have different closing dates.

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The Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) is a department of the South African government that is responsible for the organisation and administration of the civil service.

For people who wish to apply for government jobs in South Africa, can check the DPSA Circular 40 of 2023 this April 2023. You can also download the DPSA circular 15 2023 PDF which publishes advertisements about vacant posts available in the DPSA. These available jobs also show the requirement details.

DPSA CIRCULAR 40 OF 2023 PDF Latest Circular

You can download the different departmental PDF DPSA Circular 40 of 2023. For past DPSA Circulars view them here.



Public Service Vacancy Circular 40: List of 173 Government Job Openings

Ref No. Position Location
40/1 Director: Policy Development, Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (UIF) Pretoria
40/2 Specialist: Employer Audit Limpopo
40/3 Deputy Director: Labour Centre Operations (X5 Posts)
40/4 Deputy Director: Finance and Office Admin Services Mmabatho
40/5 Deputy Director: Communications (Internal and External) (UIF) Pretoria
40/6 Deputy Director: Actuarial Services (Contract) (UIF) Pretoria
40/7 Deputy Director: Investment (Contract) (UIF) Pretoria
40/8 Deputy Director: Treasury (Contract) (UIF) Pretoria
40/9 Psychometrist / Registered Counsellor (Grade 1) Durban
40/10 Assistant Director: Inspection and Enforcement Services Polokwane
40/11 Assistant Director: Fraud Investigation & Anti-Corruption KZN
40/12 Assistant Director: Finance KZN
40/13 Assistant Director: Trade Creditors (UIF) Pretoria
40/14 Assistant Director: Internal Audit (UIF) (X2 Posts) Pretoria
40/15 Senior State Accountant: Bank Reconciliations (UIF) (X2 Posts) Pretoria
40/16 Senior Practitioner: Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption (UIF) (X2 Posts) Pretoria
40/17 Team Leader (X3 Posts) Modimolle, Thohoyandou, Ficksburg
40/18 BCEA Inspector Rustenburg
40/19 OHS Inspector (X2 Posts) Graaff Reinet
40/20 Senior Practitioner: Accounts Payable: Beneficiary Services Gauteng
40/21 Supervisor Registration Services (X2 Posts) Bethlehem, Harrismith
40/22 Inspector: Inspection and Enforcement Services (X2 Posts) Durban, Kroonstad
40/23 Office Administrator (UIF) Pretoria
40/24 Inspector: Inspection and Enforcement Services (X2 Posts) Durban, Mmabatho
40/25 Client Service Officer: Registration Services Pietermaritzburg
40/26 Administrative Clerks: Management Support Services (X2 Posts) Pinetown
40/27 Registry Clerk: Finance and Office Administration (X2 Posts) KZN
40/28 Administration Clerk: Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption (UIF) Pretoria
40/29 Administration Clerk: Employer / Employee Registration (UIF) Pretoria
40/30 Senior Accounting Clerk: Trade Creditors Debit Order EFT (UIF) Pretoria
40/31 Provisioning Administrative Clerk Free State
40/32 Office Aid Mafikeng
40/33 Messenger: Management Support Services Mpumalanga
40/34 Certificated Engineer Western Cape
40/35 Scientist Production Grade A – C Free State
40/36 Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (X2 Posts) Eastern Cape
40/37 Chief Director: Coordination of Curriculum and Implementation Gauteng
40/38 Director: School IT Service Management Gauteng
40/39 Director: School Systems Development and Technical Support Gauteng
40/40 Director: Human Resource Transaction Services (H/O) and Transversal Support Gauteng
40/41 Director: e-Services Specialist Gauteng
40/42 Director: Project Manager (X3 Posts) Gauteng
40/43 Director: Operations Gauteng
40/44 Director: Information Security Gauteng
40/45 Director: Human & Physical Resource Management Gauteng
40/46 Deputy Director: ERP Technical Support Gauteng
40/47 Deputy Director: Resident Engineer Gauteng
40/48 Deputy Director: Information Architecture Gauteng
40/49 Deputy Director: Technical Writer Gauteng
40/50 Deputy Director: Business Applications Gauteng
40/51 Deputy Director: Security Architecture Gauteng
40/52 Deputy Director: Monitoring and Evaluation Gauteng
40/53 Deputy Director: Accounts Manager Gauteng
40/54 Deputy Director: Strategic Planning Gauteng
40/55 Deputy Director: Monitoring and Evaluation Gauteng
40/56 Assistant Director: ERP Development (ABAP & BW) Gauteng
40/57 Assistant Director- Business Process Analyst Gauteng
40/58 Assistant Director: HR Planning and Organisational Development Gauteng
40/59 Assistant Director: Support Services Gauteng
40/60 Assistant Director: Debt Management Gauteng
40/61 MR5 Legal Administration Officer Grade 5 Gauteng
40/62 Senior Admin Officer: Junior Consultant (ERP Basis) Gauteng
40/63 Facilities Controller Gauteng
40/64 Team Leader- Document Management Centre Gauteng
40/65 Senior Financial Officer Gauteng
40/66 Senior Buyer – Procurement Gauteng
40/67 Practitioner – Injury on Duty Gauteng
40/68 Registry Clerk Gauteng
40/69 Deputy Manager: Primary Health Care Gauteng
40/70 Assistant Manager Nursing: General PNA7 (General Ward) (Day/Night) Gauteng
40/71 Operational Manager Nursing Grade 1 Specialty (Advance Midwifery and Neonatal Nursing) Gauteng
40/72 Operational Manager General Nursing (Stepdown) Gauteng
40/73 Diagnostic Radiographer- Grade 1 Gauteng
40/74 Dietician (HAST) Gauteng
40/75 Social Worker (HAST) Gauteng
40/76 Social Worker Grade 1 Gauteng
40/77 Professional Nurse Grade 1 – General Nursing (PN-A2) Gauteng
40/78 Nursing Assistant Grade 1-(NA1) Gauteng
40/79 Sessional Medical Specialist Grade 1 (Radiology) (20 hours per week) Gauteng
40/80 Risk Management Committee Chairperson Gauteng
40/81 Clinical Manager KZN
40/82 Medical Specialist: (Grade 1,2,3) KZN
40/83 Medical Specialist (Anaesthetics) (Grade 1-3) KZN
40/84 Medical Specialist (Internal Medicine) (Grade 1-3) KZN
40/85 Medical Specialist (Surgery) (Grade 1-3) KZN
40/86 Deputy Nursing Manager KZN
40/87 Clinical Psychologist: Grade 1 KZN
40/88 Assistant Manager Nursing – PHC KZN
40/89 Operational Manager Nursing (PHC) KZN
40/90 Operational Manager (Specialty) Obstetrics and Gynaecology KZN
40/91 Sessional Medical Specialist Grade 1 (Radiology) (20 hours per week) KZN
40/92 Clinical Program Coordinator: Quality Assurance KZN
40/93 Operational Manager General: Internal Medicine Nursing KZN
40/94 Operational Manager Nursing (Night Duty) KZN
40/95 Operational Manager (PHC) KZN
40/96 Chief Artisan KZN
40/97 Clinical Nurse Practitioner KZN
40/98 Clinical Nurse Practitioner KZN
40/99 Clinical Nurse Practitioner (PHC) (Primary Health Care Trainer) KZN
40/100 Professional Nurse – Specialty (Advanced Midwifery) KZN
40/101 Clinical Nurse Practitioner (Grade 1, 2) (PHC) KZN
40/102 Clinical Nurse Practitioner (Grade 1, 2) (PHC) KZN
40/103 Clinical Nurse Practitioner (MMC) KZN
40/104 PN-D Lecturer Grade 1/2 KZN
40/105 Clinical Nurse Practitioner – Grade 1 or 2 (PHC) KZN
40/106 Clinical Nurse Practitioner – Grade 1 or 2 (PHC) KZN
40/107 Clinical Nurse Practitioner (Grade 1, 2) KZN
40/108 Clinical Nurse Practitioner Grade 1 or 2 (Mental Health Care Coordinator) KZN
40/109 Clinical Nurse Practitioner KZN
40/110 Clinical Nurse Practitioner KZN
40/111 Clinical Nurse Practitioner (PHC Mobile Clinic) KZN
40/112 Clinical Nurse Practitioner KZN
40/113 Clinical Nurse Practitioner KZN
40/114 Clinical Nurse Practitioner KZN
40/115 Clinical Nurse Practitioner KZN
40/116 Clinical Nurse Practitioner KZN
40/117 Professional Nurse – Specialty (Advanced Maternity) KZN
40/118 Inanda C CHC – Clinical Nurse Practitioner (Grade 1, 2)
40/119 Inanda C CHC – Clinical Nurse Practitioner (Grade 1, 2)
40/120 Ilembe Health District Office – Clinical Nurse Practitioner
40/121 Umphumulo Hospital – Clinical Nurse Practitioner – High Transmission Areas
40/122 Umphumulo Hospital – Professional Nurse (Specialty) – Maqumbi Clinic


To apply for DPSA vacancies in South Africa, you need to download the new Z83 form.

View an Example of a Completed New Z83 Form to guide you on how to complete a Z83 form.

  • All applicants must complete the Z83 form with full particulars of the applicants’ training, qualifications, competencies, knowledge and experience (on a separate sheet if necessary or a CV) must be forwarded to the department in which the vacancy/vacancies exist(s).
  • Applicants must indicate the reference number of the vacancy in their applications.
    Applicants requiring additional information regarding an advertised post must direct their enquiries to the department where the vacancy exists. The DPSA must not be approached for such information.
  • It must be ensured that applications reach the relevant advertising departments on or before the applicable closing dates.


Posting Date: 3 November 2023
Full Document: Circular 40 (click here to view the full document)
Directions: Click on the name of the department / administration to view vacancies in that particular section

the name of the department / administration to view vacancies in that particular section.