How to access 2023 Zimsec A Level Results Online

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When ZIMSEC has officially released the results, candidates can check their results VIA ZIMSEC online results portal

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Firstly, you need to visit the website and follow guide below!

  1. Enter the six-digit Centre Number.
  2. Enter the four-digit Candidate Number.
  3. Choose session from the drop-down list, either June or November.
  4. Choose level from the drop-down list, either O’Level or A’level.
  5. Enter the Year you sat for the exam.
  6. Enter your Candidate Name as it appears on the statement of entry.

If the name typed differ in any way from the one on the statement of entry, the account will not be created.

  1. Enter your date of birth, using the dd/mm/yyyyformat.
  2. Enter a username that you would like to use for logging in to the application.
  3. Enter a password, that comprises of a capital letter, digits,and non-alphabetic characters. For example, Zimsec123! would be a valid password.
  4. Reenter the password in the confirm password text box.
  5. Click the register button.
  6. If account registration is successful, the application will redirect to the login screen.
  7. If there are any errors, the application will display the errors on the screen.
  8. It’s important for the candidate to remember their Security Phrase and Username in case they lose their password.

All the students are requested to have patience as the result page may take time to load due to slow server speed.