How to cancel MTN Cellphone Insurance

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MTN cellphone insurance covers phones, sim cards, laptops or modems. You are entitled to cancel your Policy in writing to the Administrator within 14 days after the date of receipt of your Policy documentation or from the reasonably determined date on which you received your Policy documentation. You may only cancel this policy within 14 days where no benefit has yet been paid or claimed or the event insured against under the policy has not yet occurred. All premiums that were paid up to the date that the Administrator receives your written notice of cancellation will be refunded to you. Your request for cancellation shall be completed by no later than 31 days after the Administrator receives your cancellation notice.

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You can cancel the policy by giving thirty (31) days’ notice in writing to the administrator. MTN insurance is administered and underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited.

MTN Cellphone Insurance Contact Details

ISP Services Email:
Mobile Services 083 1 809 or 083 1 555