How to check Smart Shopper Balance on a TymeBank Card

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If you’re a TymeBank customer, you can now use your TymeBank card as a Smart Shopper card. You can use it to earn points, redeem points, and pay with it as it’s also a normal bank card. To check your Smart Shopper Balance on a TymeBank card, you need to make sure your profile is linked. Your TymeBank card serves as both a banking card and a Smart Shopper card, allowing you to earn, redeem points, and even make payments. This groundbreaking fusion of financial services and retail benefits brings a new dimension to customer loyalty and convenience.

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How to register your Smart Shopper to redeem your points:

Register via:

  • USSD – *134*930*CARDNUMBER#
  • WhatsApp – 060 070 3037
  • PnP App, website or in-store kiosk

Check Smart Shopper Balance on a TymeBank Card on the Pick n Pay Smart Shopper App or in-store at any Pick n Pay store.

Beyond the Smart Shopper integration, TymeBank continues to redefine how customers approach banking. With its commitment to simplicity, accessibility, and value, TymeBank provides a range of services that cater to the modern lifestyle. From no monthly fees and competitive interest rates to intuitive digital banking features, TymeBank ensures that banking is not just a necessity but an empowering and enriching experience.

The TymeBank and Smart Shopper integration is not just about individual benefits; it’s about building a community of savvy shoppers. By leveraging this integrated solution, customers contribute to a collective experience where everyone enjoys the perks of modern banking and retail rewards. This communal approach fosters a sense of unity among TymeBank users, creating a community where everyone wins.

In conclusion, the integration of Smart Shopper benefits into TymeBank represents a bold step towards a future where convenience is paramount. TymeBank customers now have the power to seamlessly manage their finances while enjoying the perks of loyalty rewards. This harmonious blend of banking and retail experiences sets the stage for a future where such integrations become the norm, simplifying the lives of consumers and enhancing their daily interactions with both financial and retail services.